The Business of Search

The Best Candidates Typically Are Not Looking for New Opportunities
With very few exceptions, the best candidates are not usually seeking new employment when we identify them.  These high performers must be individually sought out and must be “moved” from a state of “not-looking” to being potentially interested in the new opportunity. This is a difficult and oftentimes arduous task. Once the right candidate is located, the search firm and client company must sell our opportunity to the prospective candidate.  These candidates must be lead from "not looking" to ultimately accepting an offer. This requires the full-time effort of qualified professionals. Smith · Roth · Squires & Ritter devotes the firm’s entire resources toward this single objective.

We hold confidentiality as a fundamental and critical requisite that is strictly adhered to throughout our entire process.  We constantly maintain the highest level of confidentiality for the benefit of both our client and the candidate.  We know that it is imperative to avoid jeopardizing a candidate's position or revealing sensitive information about our client.

Speed and Effectiveness
We know that leaving the role open any longer than necessary is the greatest unquantifiable cost to your organization in the form of missed opportunities. Project monies spent on recruiting advertisements generally do not reach the candidate who is best suited to meet your organization’s needs.  This passive approach is at best a roll-of-the-dice with a very low yield.  Frankly, such expenditures alone often represent money and more importantly critical time wasted trying to find the right person.  The hidden costs to the organization are much greater with this approach.  More often than not key personnel must spend endless hours screening indiscriminate resumes. Undoubtedly this time could be more effectively invested driving the organization’s key initiatives.  Our firm reduces the time and total cost expended and overwhelmingly produces a stronger and greater breadth of leaders than nearly all in-house recruiting efforts.  We understand time is of the essence in executive search. Outstanding performance and execution beyond expectations is our objective.

Market Information Uncovered
Throughout the search process we typically uncover interesting data including:  information about your competitors, their product development efforts, market conditions, trends in compensation as well as a great deal more data that is rarely gained through conventional in-house recruiting.  Our clients oftentimes find this information invaluable, albeit a secondary benefit to finding the best candidate.

Negotiating Offer Packages that Are Accepted
No two situations are ever alike. Structuring compensation packages acceptable to all parties is a complex and often delicate matter.  Our partners are skilled in negotiating these matters and can assist you to create a solution with the best interest of all in mind.  We know that the ultimate objective is to find the right point where all parties are satisfied and motivated to perform.

Broad Scope of Search
Smith · Roth · Squires & Ritter possesses the process-disciplined approach, contacts, database and network to identify a broad spectrum of candidates prior to screening and presentation.  Our clients can be assured that all appropriate potential candidates have been considered, allowing them to hire the best candidate.

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