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We invite you to submit your resume to Smith Roth Squires & Ritter. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your executive qualifications, background and experience.  We would be pleased to have a confidential discussion with you regarding your career trajectory and professional goals.  Further, to discuss how your interests might align with the retained executive assignments we are engaged in. The information you submit will not be distributed without your prior consent.  Please forward your resume to Smith Roth Squires & Ritter by one of the following methods:

To send via conventional mail:

Smith Roth Squires & Ritter Smith Roth Squires & Ritter
230 Park Avenue 885 Tenth Street, Suite 300
Tenth Floor, PMB1095 Lake Oswego, OR  97034
New York, NY  10169  
Telephone: 516-767-9480 503-675-5324
To send via email:


Resumes must be submitted in Microsoft Word, text file format or by pasting the text into the body of an email.

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