Identifying and attracting key people is our business ... our only business. 
Successful organizations recognize how crucial it is to have the best talent at the right time.  Identifying, recruiting, assessing, and selecting outstanding people for key positions is no easy task in our competitive society. 

Not the biggest of search firms, but certainly one of the most determined.
Smith · Roth · Squires & Ritter is a senior level boutique retained executive search firm serving most industries and all functions.  Founded in 1986, Smith · Roth · Squires & Ritter has established itself as a generalist, partner-directed, global executive search firm.  We successfully perform complex, challenging executive selection assignments for large global as well as small public and private companies. 

Partner-Directed (eliminates hand-offs).
Different than most executive search firms, only our partners speak with our clients and prospective candidates. Therefore, we understand your needs first-hand and communicate the strengths of the opportunity and your organization directly to candidates with no obstacles blocking the way; your wishes directly reach the ears of the people who count. 

Results Count…the rest is conversation.
The overwhelming majority of our work is generated from repeat assignments.  This fact speaks the most directly to Smith · Roth · Squires & Ritter's
 ability to consistently deliver for our clients and is indicative of the strong relationships we develop and maintain.  We’ve upheld our strong reputation and high profile global presence, not through pomp and splendor, but simply through an uncompromising level of personal commitment.  Most importantly, we deliver.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of personalized and professional service.

We invite you to tour our website, learn more about our firm and get to know us.  Please call us as you assess your organization’s requirements.  We will be pleased to meet with you to determine how we might help you to continue to strengthen your team and discuss a working relationship.  Undoubtedly, you will find the partnership we develop will be long lasting and mutually beneficial. 

Smith · Roth · Squires & Ritter
230 Park Avenue, Tenth Floor – PMB1095
New York, NY  10169

US Telephone: 516-767-9480 / 503-675-5324

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