Our Approach

Apply a Systematic, Process-Based Discipline to Search

We take a systematic, process-based approach to all search assignments.  Decades of experience have demonstrated to us the power of driving key metrics and measuring our results on each and every assignment.   

Here’s a high-level overview of the process we use to drive successful results on each search:

Develop the Position Description - Attracting Top Talent
Each assignment begins with one or more principals meeting with our client’s key management leaders to determine the requirements of the position, the essential personality traits and most importantly, what the candidate must accomplish to be successful in the role. We ensure we understand not only the objective aspects of the position, such as: experience and qualifications required, compensation package and reporting relationships.  We go beyond these tangible elements into the more subjective and often more impactful issues related to candidate chemistry, alignment with company philosophy and overall desire to win.   We summarize what we learn in the Position Description and use it as a marketing tool for the search.  We have a very short window-of-opportunity to catch the right candidate’s attention; we make sure we fully exploit it.

Initiate the Search Process – Its Research Intensive
With the Position Description approved and authorization to proceed,
Smith · Roth · Squires & Ritter
immediately focuses its resources on identifying prospective candidates.  A specific and intensive research-based program is defined and implemented to identify, source and attract potential candidates.

Identify and Qualify the Candidate – Finding the Winners
Once prospective candidates have been identified, they are screened on the basis of the tangible and intangible qualifications that the client specified.  Only those individuals who have excelled during the screening process become potential candidates who may be presented to the client.

Completing Final Negotiations – Successfully Closing Assignments
The client always determines the final candidate selected and the offer of employment. However, these negotiations can be the pivotal step in the recruitment process. We’ve found that our years of successful experience can be an asset to both the client and the candidate to resolve any issues affecting the ultimate success of the search.

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